The Hong Kong Eruv

The Hong Kong eruv became effective on Shabbat HaGadol, Parashat Tzav March 31-April 1 2023 (10 Nissan 5783) an eruv, encompassing roughly a third of Hong Kong Island.

We wish to recognise The Hon. Sir Michael Kadoorie who was helpful at a critical juncture of the establishment of the Eruv. Moreover, we are grateful to Seth Fischer, Menachem Hasofer, Frederick Mocatta, and Jason Webber for their moral support and professional assistance in the establishment of the eruv.

Borders of the Eruv

The Eruv covers most of the western side of Hong Kong Island including Central, Mid-levels, and the Peak. Extending eastward, its boundaries are the Wanchai Promenade, Canal Road East, Aberdeen Tunnel, Wong Chuk Hang Road and Aberdeen Praya Road until the end of Aberdeen Promenade.

Both sides of these roads and promenades are included in the Eruv. Ap Lei Chau and Waterfall Bay Beach are not inside the Eruv.  See map below.

HK eruv boundary

The boundaries of the eruv are in blue

Eruv Usage 

The eruv permits Jewish people carrying items on Shabbat without breach of Jewish law. Please note that umbrellas should not be operated on Shabbat and regardless of the eruv they should not be carried.

Eruv Kashrut

We thank Rabbi Avner Cohen (Jerusalem / Moscow) for his learned expertise that made this eruv possible. The eruv was established by internationally recognised rabbinical authorities who are experts in the field and in a way that is fully and strictly compliant with Jewish law to ensure a very high standard of validity.

We thankfully acknowledge the support and endorsement for the Eruv of Rabbi Moshe Gutnick (Sydney), Rabbi Eliyahu Uminer (New York), and Rabbi Baruch Oberlander (Budapest).