Relocation to Hong Kong


Moving to a new country is never easy, we know. The community of the Ohel Leah Synagogue has many expats, coming to Hong Kong from all around the world. Once you get past housing sizes and rent costs, you can start enjoying all this city has to offer. And we’re not just talking about professional or educational opportunities. Hong Kong is safe, welcoming to foreigners, has an efficient and inexpensive public transportation system, and its location means most major Asian cities are (a maximum of) 4 hours flight away.

The Ohel Leah Synagogue serves as the center of Jewish social and religious life in Hong Kong. We offer many activities year-round so that anyone can find something. We have young professionals’ gatherings, activities for the entire family, special programs and events for youth and children, as well as events for adults. The nearby JCC offers Kosher restaurants, a Koshermart, a fitness center with a swimming pool, and more.

We’ll be happy to support you as you get used to Hong Kong. Please email us to get Ohel Leah's welcome kit.