High Holidays

Experience the High Holidays as part of our community, where tradition meets diversity in a celebration that embraces the richness of our shared Jewish heritage.

As the sacred days approach, anticipation mounts for our meticulously crafted services that cater to the diverse backgrounds of our congregants. Prepare to be moved by the transcendent melodies of visiting cantors, whose voices transport us to a sacred place as they infuse our prayers with depth and emotion.

Experience the Sephardic tradition in the Jewish Community Center (JCC) where we host a soulful service, complete with the mesmerizing tunes and customs that have echoed through generations. Meanwhile, in our main sanctuary, the Ashkenazic service unfolds, steeped in the solemnity and reverence characteristic of this venerable tradition. We bring a team of talented spiritual prayer leaders who guide our community through this hallowed season.

Following the conclusion of Yom Kippur fast, there is a sumptuous breakfast generously sponsored by the Kadoorie family who continue this as a family tradition and where the warmth of community and the joy of fellowship are felt by all.

At our synagogue, the High Holidays are not just an occasion but a transformative journey, where every soul finds solace, connection, and renewal in the embrace of tradition and unity.