Matan Bat Mitzvah and Tefillin Club

Bat Mitzvah

For Bat Mitzvah girls we have adopted the Matan Bat Mitzvah program that is known internationally for its creative approach and commitment to a high level of Judaic learning for women.

Mothers and daughters bond over this program and together they deepen their Jewish knowledge. 

Tefillin Club

Welcome to Tefillin Club, where fathers and sons embark on a meaningful journey of Torah learning and bonding. Rooted in the sacred tradition of donning Tefillin, this program offers a unique opportunity for generations to come together in the pursuit of spiritual growth and connection.

As participants gather weekly, they delve into the timeless wisdom of the Torah, exploring its teachings and relevance to their lives. Guided by our talented Rabbis, fathers and sons engage in vibrant discussions, deepening their understanding of Jewish tradition and strengthening their bond as they navigate the complexities of life's journey together.

Through the shared practice of Tefillin and Torah study, Tefillin Club not only fosters a sense of pride and commitment to Jewish identity but also cultivates a lasting legacy of love, learning, and faith within the hearts of families.