General Adult Education

Every day, following the morning service, there is a group that gathers to learn mishnayot, mussar, and chumash.

Mondays to Thursdays there is a short rotating class prior to Mincha-Ma’ariv.

On Thursday evenings we have Thursday Night Tradition that rotates between different homes.

We also have occasional programs like: 'Hebrew Reading Crash Course' and 'Making Sense of the Siddur'.

Rabbi Javasky and Rabbi Oser study privately with people and are both looking for more opportunities to do so – please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

A hallmark of any Orthodox Synagogue is its Jewish education program. OLS offers a comprehensive selection of adult education programs tailored to meet the diverse intellectual and spiritual needs of our community.

Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from Jewish history, theology, and ethics to practical skills such as Hebrew language proficiency, and Torah and Megilla chanting, and training to use the Siddur, Hebrew prayerbook.

Led by a team of enthusiastic educators, our classes foster dynamic and stimulating discussions, empowering participants to delve deeper into the richness of Jewish tradition and culture.

Embracing an inclusive ethos, our synagogue cultivates a welcoming environment where individuals of all backgrounds can freely explore and enhance their understanding of Judaism.

Whether engaging with ancient texts or contemporary discourse, our adult education initiatives provide invaluable opportunities for lifelong learning and personal development anchored in the vibrant tapestry of Jewish faith and community in Hong Kong.