Become a Member

Synagogues are the place Jews gather to celebrate happy times, to mark milestones and to remember those they have loved. When we join a synagogue we make a statement about our values and commitment to the Jewish community.

Becoming a member of Ohel Leah is to be a member of a Jewish community that is historic, dynamic and inspiring. While there are many reasons to join Ohel Leah, one of our members put it best when they simply said, “I joined because it is the right thing to do.”

Every prospective member needs to fill out a membership application, supply supporting documents and meet with the Rabbi. We understand that this can be daunting, but we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and dignity of every prospective member.

As an Orthodox Synagogue we can only guarantee membership, and its concurrent rights to ritual privileges, to those who fit traditional criteria. All supporting documents needs to be brought to the meeting with the Rabbi. 

Fill out our online Membership forms online click here or contact us through the form below.