Shabbat Afternoons Parasha Text Study

There is a women’s parasha study session every Shabbat afternoon at a private home.

As part of the vibrant Jewish community of Hong Kong, women come together for a unique Shabbat afternoon Parsha text study, embracing the opportunity to delve into the depths of Jewish wisdom and tradition. Led by passionate and knowledgeable teachers, these gatherings offer a nurturing space for exploration and discussion of the weekly Torah portion.

Against the backdrop of the bustling city, participants engage in lively debates, sharing insights, and interpretations that reflect the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences.

As they immerse themselves in the sacred texts, a sense of camaraderie and spiritual connection blossoms, fostering bonds of friendship and support among attendees.

This initiative not only empowers women to take an active role in their spiritual journey but also enriches the fabric of the Jewish community in Hong Kong, creating a welcoming environment where learning thrives and hearts are uplifted in the waning light of Shabbat.

Refreshments are served and the study continues through to the conclusion of Shabbat and the Havdala service.