Pesach Preparation

ולא יראה לך חמץ ולא-יראה לך שאר בכל -גבלך

“No Chametz may be seen in your possession, nor may leaven be seen in your possession in all your borders.”

Preparing for Pesach: Creating a Chametz Free Environment

Any part of our home where Chametz was stored or placed should be cleaned. The kitchen should be thoroughly cleaned, including the stove, fridge, microwave and oven.

Cupboards and counters should be cleaned and covered. Non Kosher-for-Pesach products should be locked away. Plates, utensils, pots and pans that are not to be used for Pesach should also be locked away.

Kashering of the Kitchen for Pesach

Sinks: Metal sinks can be koshered. Porcelain sinks cannot and should be covered with tinfoil. The metal sink should not be used for anything hot for 24 hours before koshering. After cleaning, pour boiling water over the entire sink including the faucet and knobs.

Counter tops: Metal, marble and granite surfaces can be koshered. Clean well and then do not use for 24 hours. Pour boiling water all over them. Other surfaces should be covered with plastic or foil for Pesach.

Fridges: Clean well. Oven: Leave unused for 24 hours before cleaning walls and racks thoroughly. Leave racks inside and run oven on highest setting for at least 40 minutes.

Gas stove: Clean burners, grates (metal frames on which the pots and pans sit) and surface between burners thoroughly. Grates can then be koshered in the oven.

Electric stove: Clean between burners thoroughly. Rub off any burnt food from the burners and turn them on to highest heat for ten minutes. The surface around the burners should be covered with tinfoil.

Microwave: It’s best not to kosher a microwave for Pesach. If it must be used then clean thoroughly, leave unused for 24 hours before placing a glass of water and running on high for up to 25 minutes allowing the steam to spread throughout. The rotating tray should either be replaced or covered.

Selling of Chametz

Rabbi Oser is happy to facilitate the selling of your Chametz. This can be done by appointing him as your agent by filling in this form and returning it to him by April 19.

Searching and Removing of Chametz

Bedikat Chametz, the search for Chametz, is done on Sunday night, April 21. The following morning, Monday April 22, the Chametz should be burnt before 11:02 am. Ohel Leah Synagogue will be burning Chametz at the back of the synagogue between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

Anyone wishing to bring his or her Chametz within these times please do so. No chametz should be eaten after 9:44 am.

Travellers: If you are not intending to be in Hong Kong for Pesach, you should search for Chametz on the night before you leave, and you should also arrange for your Chametz to be sold through the Rabbi.

Communal Kashering For Pesach 

Thursday April 18 (3:00-5:00 pm) Sunday April 21 (3:00-6:00 pm) @ JCC CAR PARK

  • Plan in advance, as these are the only communal koshering sessions!
  • All utensils must be cleaned and not used for 24 hours before kashering – only solid metal cutlery & utensil can be koshered. 
  • China & earthenware dishes cannot be koshered.
  • No blowtorching will take place.

Please call Eyal, the Mashgiach of JCC on 9682-6667 to book an appointment.