Copy of Growth

A fox walked along a river and saw fish swimming to and fro. The fox asked the fish what they were fleeing, and they replied they were fleeing the nets that seek to trap them. If so, the fox advised, come onto the dry land where there are no fishing nets to catch you. The fish told the fox to stop being silly, for fish don’t survive out of water.

Using this parable, Rabbi Akiva explained why Jews need to study Torah. Only where there is Torah study, will Jewish life grow. We seek to be a congregation where everyone is offered opportunities for Jewish growth.

General Adult Education

Every day, following the morning service, there is a group that gathers to learn mishnayot, mussar, and chumash.

Mondays to Thursdays there is a short rotating class prior to Mincha-Ma’ariv.
On Thursday evenings we have Thursday Night Tradition that rotates between different homes.

We also have occasional programs like: 'Hebrew Reading Crash Course' and 'Making Sense of the Siddur'.

Rabbi Javasky and Rabbi Oser study privately with people and are both looking for more opportunities to do so – please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Lunch and Learn

There are Lunch and Learns, approximately on a fortnightly basis, that meet in an office in Central. For more information please be in touch with the office or email us.

Jewish Parenting Circle

On select Friday mornings, an informal gathering of mothers takes place at the JCC (next to the Synagogue) . There is a breakfast and focus on a parenting-related topics that sparks insightful discussion.

Shabbat Afternoons Parasha Text Study

There is a women’s parasha study session every Shabbat afternoon at a private home.

Monthly Women’s Events

Whether Rosh Chodesh celebrations, challah bakes or craft-based experiences, we create an intimate space for women to gather, create and share. For more information please email.